ExCEL offers both indoor soccer and futsal leagues during the Winter and Summer seasons.

The leagues and divisions are determined by age and are open to players ages 3 to 18.

 *We follow the North Texas Soccer Age Chart for division placements. 

Click the following link to view the current age definitions: NORTH TEXAS SOCCER AGE CHART 


Available for Players & Teams U-12+ 


Available for Players & Teams U-4 to U-10 

With Futsal, young players are able to begin their soccer experience with an emphasis on skill development; learning better ball control and accurate passing.  For more information on Futsal please click here:



​Winter Season:

  • Play: December - February

  • Registration: October - November

Summer Season:

  • Play: June - August

  • Registration: April - May

Divisions are assigned according to birth year.

To ensure you register your player for the appropriate age group, you can simply subtract their birth year from the year in which the season ends.


For example:

Year Season Ends – Birth Year = Age Group


2019 (season starts) to 2020 (season ends) – 2012 (birth year) = U-8 Division


2020 – 2012 = 8


Teams and/or players may play up to an older division, however teams and/or players may not play down to a younger division.

U4 - U10 - FUTSAL

  • 5v5 (4 field players + 1 goal keeper)

  • Games on Saturdays with alternate day of Sunday

  • U6 teams are co-ed 

  • U8 and above may have separate divisions for boys and girls

U12 - U19

  • 8v8 (7 field players + 1 goal keeper)

  • Games on Saturdays with alternate days Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

League Fees - Terrell ISD Residents receive a discounted rate*

  • $50 per player (Residents) / $65 per player (Non-Residents)

  • Discounts may be offered for Early Registration & Fee Increases may be issued for Late Registration

  • Currently, no additional fees are required for player's cards or referees*


  • Outdoor soccer cleats may be worn for turf use only 

  • Tennis shoes or indoor soccer shoes are also acceptable and must be worn if playing Futsal.  (No cleats on the courts)

  • Shin guards are required for all players


  • Based on availability, ExCEL League teams may be provided a 1-hour practice during the week (Monday-Friday)