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If your student has an interest or a passion for a specific sport, school subject, or extracurricular activity,

be sure to check out our Summer Camp opportunities by clicking the "2022 ExCEL Summer Camps" button!

The Sports and Enrichment Camps at ExCEL provide an opportunity for your student to receive

in-depth instruction and specialized training for their particular interests.


What if the Camp schedule doesn't really work with my personal schedule?


- No problem! Your student is always welcomed to join us each week at the ExCEL Clubhouse!

All you need to do is complete the separate Clubhouse registration for that same week

and your student can spend the whole day at ExCEL! 


The Clubhouse, offers a variety of sports, games, and educational activities in addition to their camp of choice.

Best of all, in order to fit your needs, you can choose between a weekly or daily pass that fits your schedule and needs. 

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